RELOCATING TO FLORIDA? // How to find a job in another state!

Lyndsey Ashley
Lyndsey Ashley
Published on July 10, 2020

Moving Without a Job? Relocating for a Job? Is it better to get a job before you move to Florida? How do you find a job in another state?

Relocating from out of state can be stressful, especially if it’s contingent on you finding a job. No matter the reason for your relocation or where you are moving to, I have some tips for relocating without a job and for finding a job without living in the area.

Relocating because of a job transfer is the least tricky out of all possible scenarios for relocating from out of state two major reasons — you don’t have to handle the stress of finding a new job, and you don’t have to worry about obtaining a mortgage while changing jobs, which can be a complicated process.

It can be a freeing experience to pack up your family and move without a true plan in place, but it’s not for the faint of heart! Florida is a desirable, dream destination for many, so it’s not uncommon to welcome newcomers who may not have a permanent home or job secured. If this scenario is what you’re facing, there are a few things you can do to ease the transition.

Do you research! In the area you plan to move, are there jobs available that you are qualified for? Are there jobs available that interest you? Does the cost of living in your chosen city align with the salary those jobs offer? Do you and your family have enough savings in place to float you three to six months without permanent work?

If you can reasonably answer all those questions, then go ahead and begin applying for jobs and lining up interviews in your new city or area. The hiring process can take time; you know your planned move date and line up interviews for as soon as you arrive, unless you’re able to travel back and forth. And while you’re applying for jobs, also start a search for housing. And if you are traveling to the area for interviews, I suggest taking advantage of your time there by touring neighborhoods and planning all the other facets of your family’s future life. Where will you live? Where will your children go to school? You can check you this video which dives deep into how to choose the right school for your children when moving from out of state.  

Is it better to get a job before you move to Florida? Well of course it can make things easier. Getting a mortgage or a lease whether permanent or temporary, while you look for a home with a real estate agent; is easier when you are already employed. Not having to dive into your savings, because you have steady income will reduce the stress  and anxiety that comes with such a big life change for the entire family, which makes your transition even easier. SO my advice is to try your best to obtain a job before you arrive!

Are you moving your family to Florida or out of state without a job? And what state are you coming from? Keep reading as I give you tips on how to get a job when you get to where you are going.

So by now you are probably wondering, how and where do I get a job? How do I relocate for a job?

Like I previously mentioned, have a plan – clearly know your reason for moving. Why did you and your family decide Florida and specifically the city or area you chose the place for your new life? Having a clear vision is important especially if a new employer asks. They are going to want assurance that you are not just moving for the job, although maybe you are; but that you are permanently moving.

Having a plan also means understanding the cost of living and affording the moving expenses like truck rentals, temporary housing, storage, etc.  A new employer may or may not offer relocation assistance. If they do, having a budget you can present with a detailed estimate of how much your relocation is expected to cost you is crucial to the success of your request. They may also want you to use preferred providers whom they have established relationships; be careful to not push back as you may bite the hand that soon feeds you!

So before I get into some tips about the job search. In today’s world I think it’s important to discuss your social network when making a move across the state. More and more employers are using social media to perform research on prospective employees as well as to recruit.  Some of the suggestions I am going to make are to help your situation, by leveling the playing field. Take a look at your profiles on all your social platforms – remove your current city. I believe employers will pass over prospective employees if they are not local for many reasons – the candidate will be like “I am thinking about moving there if I get the job, or I can work remotely, etc.”. That is not you! Level the playing field with those that are applying locally.

Then, if you have specific companies in mind begin following them on LinkedIn or Facebook. Maybe connect with different employees in the departments you would like to work in on LinkedIn. Another way to use the social network is to join local groups in the area or meetUp to find others in the area that have similar interest or hobbies as you, maybe search for local job groups on Facebook too. Start networking. The faster you can build up your support network the more you and your family will feel at home when you move. Plus you never know who you will meet and what job could be referred to you.

How else can you find a job before relocating? First, have a good resume. Don’t be overzealous in detail, clear and concise, more importantly honest past work history. And in your case, I highly suggest a cover letter. Again, don’t put an out of state address, but share in the letter your intent to move – especially if you have a set date or timeframe. And by biggest suggestion of all – use a recruiter. Far too often I hear clients doing all this job searching when there are regional, national, and industry specific professional and executive job recruiters who will do all the work for you!  A few that I know of are:

  1. 4 Corner Resources
  2. Accur Recruiting Services
  3. ARC or American Recruiting & Consulting Group
  4. Adecco Staffing
  5. Spherion Staffing

SO lets recap:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Have a moving budget, and understand the cost of living
  3. Know your reason for moving
  4. Research the area for qualified jobs and prospective companies
  5. Start applying and searching for housing
  6. Prepare your social profiles
  7. Build your social network
  8. Have a good resume and great cover letter
  9. Hire a recruiter

Every day I work with people like you who are relocating out of state, especially to Florida. Who do you go to get answers to all your questions? Where do you begin? My goal is to provide answers related to relocating to Florida, the Florida lifestyle, real estate and otherwise. So welcome!

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